Thursday, November 1, 2007

MySQL: Favorite 3rd Party Software

I've started a new poll on popular 3rd party software used with MySQL. I've recently been involved in a lot of discussions on favorite software used by MySQL DBAs. I realize there are a lot of great solutions. I narrowed the list to a few software solutions that I've had a lot of discussions about in the last few weeks with students and clients.

I decided to restart the poll by adding SQLYog. Below are the initial numbers before restarting the poll. I won't restart the poll again. These numbers will be included in the summary blog after the poll closes.
  • Nagios 6
  • Cfengine 0
  • Navicat 3
  • Quest (Toad) 6
  • Zmanda 0
  • Embarcadero (DBArtisan) 1
  • Innodb Hot Backup 1
  • Other 6
As databases proliferate in numbers, companies are struggling more with deciding what is the right tool to monitor and manage our databases. Especially with MySQL which is likely to run in a heterogeneous environment. Do I use open source tools or do I use tools like BMC, Quest and Embarcadero to help me manage a heterogeneous environment? I've been involved in a lot of discussions on this in the last year. I hope you are lookig forward to seeing how the numbers shake out as much as I am.

I hope you don't get frustrated if you don't see your favorite tool on the list. I wanted to keep the list to a top ten and on software that has been hot in a lot of conversations lately and make sure this wasn't just my list. At the same time Lake City, CO in the San Juan Mountains did not make my top ten list in CO, still not sure how that happened. Lake City, CO is an absolutely beautiful place in Colorado.

In this list is a mix of tools very popular in heterogenous environments, mixed with tools that are popular in the open source world. It includes development tools, DBA and monitoring tools. The goal is to get a feel if organizations lean towards heterogeneous tools or if for MySQL they focus on tools specific to MySQL environments.

Another issue not addressed by this poll is the management of multi-tiered infractructures which brings in the application server and web server. The whole question of how to manage multi-tiered infrastructures is a completely different poll.

The list includes:
  • Nagios
  • SQLYog
  • Cfengine
  • Navicat
  • Quest (Toad)
  • Zmanda
  • Embarcadero (E/R studio)
  • Innodb Hot Backup
  • BMC
  • Other
I did not include MySQL Enterprise Monitor or MySQL Query Browser since they are MySQL tools. The goal was to see what products outside of MySQL stand out.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised you missed SqlYog. It is definitely more popular than both Toad and Navicat.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Yes, SQLyog was definitely on the larger initial list. If we were looking at just tools that excel in the open source world SQLyog would have been included.

However in this top ten list, I wanted to include products from Quest (Toad), Innodb Hot Backup (Oracle), Embarcadero (DB Artisan) and BMC and see how they compared to products like Nagios, Amanda and Cfengine.

Anonymous said...

SQLyog for me.. works like a gem and they add features which exactly fit our needs.

Anonymous said...

sql yog is the best......... it is very easy to navigate.............

Anonymous said...

Had to vote for "other" since your list did not include HeidiSQL.

This tool is *really* worth a look!

Anonymous said...

Hey dudes, sqlyog simply rocks man.Even has free community version. it has fulfilled my needs. just try. go for it ......:)