Thursday, December 6, 2007

Favorite 3rd party software with MySQL

Here are the results of a small poll I conducted on favorite 3rd party software with MySQL. The poll results are:
  • SQLYog 48%
  • Nagios 15%
  • Other 14%
  • Toad 10%
  • Navicat 7%
  • DBArtisan 3%
  • Innodb Hot Backup 1%
  • BMC 1%
  • Cfengine 1%
  • Zmanda 0%
Since this was an informal poll (take with a grain of salt), so I wanted to add a few insights I have found in customers that I have been working with.
  • SQLYog and Nagios are very popular in MySQL environments.
  • Navicat has its own fan base in the MySQL world.
  • Toad althought popular in the Oracle world is very quirky when used with MySQL.
  • Zmanda althought it did not get any votes, I do see it being used quite a bit by students in my classes.
  • I was really surprised that I do not see a lot of people using InnoDB Hot Backup.


Anonymous said...

You might want to consider adding: - MySQL Hot Backup (all engine types)
maatkit (formerly mysql toolkit)


Unknown said...

I am not familiar with this as a backup solution.

I am planning on evaluating InnoDB Hot Backup in a few weeks, I will look into this product as well.

I will tell you that hot backup capability in MySQL environments is a very hot topic.

ryan said...

It makes sense when you consider that ibbackup is really a product for a niche market. It's a great and inexpensive tool, but only really helps DBAs who administer InnoDB databases which cannot afford any downtime.

Whereas most of the others on the list could be used by developers or sysadmins who work on or administer less critical sites. A much larger userbase for a poll like this.

Sheeri K. Cabral said...

piggybacking on what ryan says -- even admins in a critical environment may not need it -- after all, if the environment is critical enough, there's probably a "backup slave" that can be stopped for an accurage backup.

Unknown said...


A good point as well. Replication is definitely a strong and popular solution with MySQL.

In working with customers I am seeing that there are environments that are running bigger MySQL databases and using an additional server for replication is not an option for them. This requires a strong hot backup solution.

Before evaluating different hot backup solutions I have been looking to see what others are doing. Despite customers looking for hot backup solutions, I am not seeing hot backup software being used very much.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that MySQL Query Browser is nowhere on the list.

Unknown said...

The MySQL Query Browser and all other MySQL tools were intentionally left off of this poll.

The objective was to see which "3rd" party tools were the most popular.

Anonymous said...

Any reason CocoaMySQL was left off? It's probably the most popular MySQL tool on the Mac platform.

Anonymous said...

You may consider adding SiSense Prism -

It provides dashboarding, reporting and analytic capabilities that were never available for MySql before.