Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open Source continuing to change the world

MySQL by the pure volume of downloads is considered the most popular database for the Internet. MySQL and open source are changing the world as well. The first .com explosion had startup companies throwing a lot of money at traditional hardware and proprietary software. While today, most start ups are running open source solutions like MySQL, Linux, Apache, Perl/PHP, etc. This allows startup companies to have more operational flexibility in their beginning stages. This significantly reduces the startup capital to build the IT infrastructure. By this definition MySQL and open source are helping fuel the world wide economy by allowing companies to have enterprise Internet platforms out of the gate.

In the last year a number of small and medium sized companies have started using MySQL on projects. With everyone seeing the tremendous success of MySQL in companies like Google and YouTube, you can expect more large companies looking for projects where MySQL is a good fit. With Sun fueling MySQL (solar powered), this should significantly increase the growth of MySQL in the database market. 2008 can expect to see a significant acceleration of open source in the industry.

Sun has to feel good that they have JavaDB which plays well for smaller databases and now MySQL.

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