Friday, February 15, 2008

George Trujillo at RMOUG Oracle Conference in Denver

I attended the RMOUG Oracle Users Conference in Denver, CO this week. RMOUG is an excellent local Oracle users group conference to attend. I delivered a presentation on:

Understanding the MySQL Architecture for Oracle DBAs
  • This is a fast paced presentation focused on showing Oracle DBAs and Developers key features and benefits of using MySQL and the LAMP stack for projects. Topics will focus on: best practices for configuring a MySQL database server, understanding key differences between Oracle and MySQL and OFA versus MOCA. Attendees will also be introduced to MySQL replication and Cluster configurations. This is an excellent bootstrap presentation for developers and DBAs that may be looking at using MySQL and the LAMP stack for future projects.
  • Audience: Developers and DBAs
  • Summary: A bootstrap presentation focused on showing Oracle DBAs and developers key features of MySQL and the LAMP stack.
I delivered it entirely from an Oracle perspective, using Oracle examples and it was very well received. I love delivering this presentation because I always get some great comments from Oracle DBAs who are really surprised how much MySQL can do. I show them MySQL replication and I alway get at least a couple of wows.

I also delivered the following presentation:

Demystifying Middleware Technologies
  • This presentation is designed to demystify popular Middleware technologies and explain how these technology components work together. Topics include: J2EE, Application Servers, Web Services, XML, Application Frameworks, WSDL, BPEL, SOA and business rule engines. Attendees will learn how each of these different Middleware components work together in application servers. This is an important presentation for developers and DBAs who would like to learn more about the middle-tier.
I'm very comfortable in the Java and SOA world so I had a lot of fun with this presentation. Not sure why, I delivered the first presentation with energy and fire and the second presentation as a fire side chat. It may have been due to the high octane coffee I had at the coffee stand in the Colorado Convention center. :)

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