Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MySQL Workbench - Export Features

MySQL Workbench has some nice export features. They include:
  • Forward engineer SQL Create Script
  • Forward Engineer SQL ALTER Script
  • Synchronize With SQL Create Script
  • Export as PNG
  • Export as SVG
  • Export as Single Page PDF
  • Export as Single Page PostScript File
Export options (just choose File Menu then Export option):


Paulino Michelazzo said...

Nice options but to print....

Unknown said...

Paulino, I've exported to a PDF and PNG format and its printed in a nice layout.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the article. I am new to the mysql workbench and query browser. After I create my tables and er diagrams, is there away to dump that into mysql query browser? Or will I need to create the tables and enter data into the query browser?

Unknown said...

Yes, just go to the File menu option, then choose export. There is an option that will let you create a DDL script that will build the physical schema.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response. I had went to mysql workbench and click export-forward engineer sql create script and saved it. Then I went to mysql query browser and opened the script and found my tables.
Is there a good website or book to help me with normalization and parent/child inheritance in er diagram? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Great question. I haven't read a book on database design in a long time. Since I have not read a book on design in a long time I will point you to a few links:


I would highly recommend you look at a few lists like this and go to a book store and plan on spending some time narrowing it down to a few books. Everyone has a preference for more pictures, more detailed explanations, etc. so its important you find a book that has a style you like.

For myself I have spend time looking at design patterns which is the next level of reading once you get past database design fundamentals.