Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MySQL Optimal Configuraton Architecture

Oracle DBAs understand the importance of defining guidelines and standards and using them in the configuration and management of database servers. Years ago the Optimal Configuration Architecture (OFA) developed a base set of guidelines and naming conventions for Oracle DBAs.

I developed the MySQL Optimal Configuration Architecture (MOCA) modeled after OFA to give new MySQL DBAs a set of guidelines and standards to consider when configurating MySQL database servers.


Unknown said...

Hi. I would like to know about the meaning of db01, db02,... Are they logical volumes? Only separate directories? Thanks in advance. Very good blog!

Unknown said...

JL, on the disk layout for a database it is a best practice to develop standard naming conventions. A consistent naming style for the mount points where database files reside is good for recognizing the information at those mount points. /db0x, is one style pattern. The key is to be consistent with your configurations.