Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Configuring the InnoDB Plugin (1.0.6) in MySQL 5.1.43

Configuring the InnoDB Plugin (1.0.6) is just as easy in the MySQL 5.1.43 release.  There are a few subtle changes in the new release.  Set the following parameters to configure the InnoDB plugin in 5.1.43.  A few notes:

  • Set the PLUGIN_DIR parameter to the location of the plugin libraries.
  • Verify all the libraries listed below are in the PLUGIN_DIR directory.
  • The PLUGIN_LOAD parameter needs to be set properly. Make sure the definition is one line and there are no spaces.

my.cnf configuration 

Verify the new PLUGIN metadata objects are now available. 
Have fun with the new InnoDB Plugin features. :) 



gtowey said...

The current plugin for download is built against mysql-5.1.41; when I tried loading it like that even in 5.1.42 it gave me an error that the API version was too different. I haven't tried with 5.1.43 specifically but I would imagine it would throw the same error. I could only get it to work with 5.1.41

Unknown said...

gtowey, I definitely got it to work on 5.1.43. Had all my students set it up and its working great so far.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the support in the innodb plugin in the forum improves. After my last experience I found the best solution was to go back to the builtin version of innodb.