Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MYSQL 5.5 highlights and MySQL Cluster 7.1

MySQL 5.5 Highlights - It's a lot faster!
  • InnoDB
    • Multiple Buffer Pool Instances
    • Multiple Rollback Segments
    • Extended change buffering and purge scheduling
    • Improved Log Sys and Flush List mutex
    • Improved locking
    • Improved statistics on InnoDB mutexes, rw-locks, threads and I/O operations.
  • Improved performance/scale with Win32, 64
  • Scales to 32 cores 
  • Semi-synchronoous replication
  • Performance Schema
  • SIGNAL/RESIGNAL (finally!)
  • New Partitioning enhancements
  • Configuring the heartbeat period
  • More than 10x improvement in recovery times
  • 200% performance gain for MySQL 5.5 over 5.1.40
MySQL Cluster 7.1 (GA)
  • NDBINFO - improved real time status and usage statistics
  • MYSQL Cluster Manager (CGE only)
  • Sub-second failover and self healing recovery
  • Parallel multi-master architecture
  • Low latency - real time responsiveness
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