Thursday, October 18, 2007

MySQL: Which programming language for MySQL?

I started a poll on programming languages for MySQL because I am trying to decide which programming language to get up to speed on for some personal website development. Maybe even some online learning to share things I learn.

After watching the poll, I realize there were some others I should have put on the list. The problem is once you start the voting you can't change the poll. I tried to change it and lost 19 votes. Sorry everyone, it was an accident.

I'm going to go on a mini-journey for about a month researching which of these languages I pursue in more depth. I will ask all the people in my travels which they prefer. I'll follow with my results. I'd welcome any input on these or other languages, in terms of what you like or don't like about them. Oh by the way I'm not an HTML person but I figure I can get someone to do some of the HTML design for me. My objectives are to find a language that:
  • I can get up to speed quick on.
  • Has a lot of examples, demos on the web.
  • Doesn't require I make magic with HTML or web interface design.
  • Something that is likely to stay hot so the time invested won't be wasted.
  • Something that is fun to work with.
  • Something you'd defend in a room of other programming experts.
To give you my programming background. I have programmed a lot in Unix environments. In a former life I used to write a lot of low level code in C. I've worked a lot with C++ and very comfortable with Unix shell scripting, Perl, etc. I have spent a good part of recent years in the Java world. I speak J2EE, Web Services, SOA, BPEL, frameworks, design patterns, Struts, Spring, ADF, XML, etc. I'm not a web interface designer.

My dilemma. Although I am a big fan of Java, for building personal web sites, I think Java is too heavyweight for personal websites. I'm not a .NET person, nor will I be. I'm looking at:
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • AppleScript
  • Ajax
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Python, Perl and PHP


Anonymous said...

restart the vote and add perl ... my vote would be

php, perl nad python ;)

Unknown said...

Auughh. You're right. I hate to start the poll again. You can't change the poll once its started. I restarted it once accidently and lost 16 votes. The first poll had 9 PHP, 5 Java and 2 others. I am really sorry for the lost votes everyone,I restarted it by accident .

Your comment is appreciated. I'll add a note in the blog on these.

Thanks for the feedback!

Anonymous said...


fun and easy to get started with

you can write scripts or do work in the python interpreter

oo and nice iterators