Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two Blogs on Understanding Bug Issues in MySQL 5.1

Nothing frustrates datababase users of all database vendors more than to not be aware of known bugs in new releases. It's difficult when you have to find them out one at a time. Especially since customers going to new releases are often champions of the database vendor. Everyone understands that are there are likely to be bugs in new releases especally if the release is not in GA yet. MySQL has done an excellent job of posting information on known bugs for release 5.1.

The new features in MySQL 5.1 are likely to push the envelope of users wanting to go to a new release sooner versus later. Features like events, partitioning, row-level replication, server log tables, replication between clusters, the mysql_upgrade program, XML functions and the Load emulator are creating a lot of excitement among existing and new customers.

Check out these two excellent blogs to get information on outstanding bugs surrounding release 5.1:

Thanks Kaj and Jay for these blogs. Its great that MySQL is providing this type of support for customers using the 5.1 release.

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