Thursday, August 19, 2010

MySQL at Oracle Open World - San Francisco 2010

Everybody is very interested in understanding the Oracle message about MySQL.  Oracle is responding with a "MySQL Sunday"   and a number of excellent presentations throughout the week in San Francisco at Oracle Open World.  My session on MySQL is:
  • Session S316920 - The Ultimate Bootstrap for MySQL on Windows
There are also a number of excellent old MySQLers and friends presenting like:
  • Sarah Sproehnle - Cloudera
  • Brian Miezejewski - Oracle
  • Harrison Fisk - Facebook
  • Giuseppe Maxia - Oracle
  • Lars Thalmann - Oracle
  • Chris Schneider - Ning
  • Mark Matthews - Oracle
  • Sheeri Cabral - Pythian Group
It's looking like a good layout for Oracle Open World.   So it's going to be good to see how things go from a MySQL perspective and how that projects into the next IOUG Collaborate Conference 2011 in Orlando.