Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marten Mickos at Sun CEC 2008: MySQL Sessions

During the Sun CEC 2008 MySQL sessions training track it was great to get Marten Mickos to speak to the Sun audience. As I was lining up guest speakers for my MySQL sessions I really wanted to get Marten there to address questions Sun employees have on the MySQL acquisition and to discuss future directions of MySQL with Sun. Marten as one of the key leaders in open source as always did a great job of positioning MySQL within Sun for the Sun employees and partners.

Highlights I picked up from the presentation:
  • MySQL has a very large and constantly growing community embracing open source and MySQL. With over 70,000 downloads a day, MySQL continues to increase its user base and popularity. This popularity opens up more and more opportunities for MySQL Enterprise licenses and Sun products.
  • MySQL Enterprise licenses are a lot easier to understand and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.
  • MySQL's objective is to be "fast", "reliable" and "easy to use" versus trying to be feature crazy.
  • MySQL is not trying to compete directly against Oracle in the large Oracle OLTP environments. MySQL excels in web environments for very fast read performance is critical.
  • How MySQL generates revenue today and how revenue will continue to grow as a Sun product.
  • Where MySQL is today and where it is going.
Thanks Marten for the great job of showing Sun employees and partners the direction and future of MySQL.

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