Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top Ten Keys to Delivering a Great Presentation

Here is my list of top ten things to do to deliver a great presentation.
  1. Make sure you properly prepare your presentation.
  2. Create a great first impression in the first ten seconds.
  3. Show enthusiasm and energy for your topic.
  4. Speak to the audience. Use the works "I", "you", "we" to engage the audience.
  5. Make eye contact with individuals throughout the presentation. Make each person feel as if you are talking to them.
  6. Break your presentation into different pieces. First five minutes, last five minutes, then break the rest of your presentation into 5-10 minute sections.
  7. Use variety: telling a story, visual aids, props, music, sound. Make sure you use your props wisely.
  8. Good body posture and movement.
  9. Audience will care more about what you say versus what is in your slides or presentation materials.
  10. Have fun and make sure you use your "own" style not someone else's style.


Anonymous said...

Get a copy of "Slide:ology" and practice, practice, practice...

Unknown said...

Ulf, I did some research on the internet and Slide:ology looks great. I have found that every book I have read on delivering presentations has helped me significantly. Slide:ology is next on my list.

Even experienced instructors need periodic fine tuning and there are always new ways and techniques for reaching audiences and inspiring people.
Thanks for the recommendation.