Monday, November 10, 2008

Sun CEC 2008: November 10, 2008

This morning started with a nice breakfast and the opening general session. Key speakers include:
  • Daniel J. Berg - CTO Global Sales and Services and VP of EM Systems Engineering
  • Peter Ryan - Execute VP Global Sales and Services
  • Jonathan Schwartz - CEO and President
  • Hal Stern - Senior VP Systems Engineering
Highlights from the General Session

Open source is disruptive technology. Open source is putting pressure on proprietary companies.

Sun is almost a cult versus just a company. Today, Sun has a great story with open source. Customers can achieve tremendous savings by using Sun open source solutions.

Monetization of MySQL acquisition
Very important for Sun to be able to sell out of their traditional base. MySQL opens tremendous new opportunities for Sun. From Eric Schmidt (CEO at Google), "When you look at Google, our products are our ads". At Sun, storage, ZFS, Java, MySQL and their incredible popularity are ads for Sun. An extremely large customer said the proprietary vendors are absolutely killing their IT budget, so they are moving to MySQL to change their history of paying unbelievable amounts of money to proprietary vendors. MySQL is constantly proving their ability to disrupt the industry by saving customers large amounts of money.

Takeaway messages from Jonathan:
  • "Please have fun when you come to work."
  • "Be active with customers about our products."
  • "Now is the time to be talking to customers about what Sun is doing."
Quote: "At Sun, We are innovators, we create the future. At Sun we are not bigger than our competitors, but we are smarter. Our flexibility and agility is a key. Our technicalese is our strength."

Sun does not have the resources and funds to do the massive marketing like IBM and HP. However, the large number of leads from MySQL and turning these leads into sales is a great opportunity for Sun. Part of Sun's future success is due to customers looking at Sun for innovation.

The Platform is a Service

Even in a down economy, there is growth. Cloud computing is one of those areas. Refactoring of applications, horizontal scaling, server consolidation, Web 2.0, SAAS, etc. are all key focus areas for customers. End users are becoming the developer. Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google analytics are generating a new level of data generation. Today there are 280 exabytes of data approximately with 10 times grown in next three years. One zetabyte will be added in next few years. Managing extremely large amounts of data is becoming a serious challenge for customers.

The Platform is a Service

Packaging this development environment is important. The platform is a service. Platform services are now being provided by large companies. Infrastructure and platforms are important services. Virtualization is a key for both of these. Virtualization will create new services.

Tuning MySQL, leveraging MySQL, LAMP, SAMP with Sun technology is important. Semi-structured data is exploding. We are moving to a new class of systems. High speed networking with large network storage is very important to customers. Sun's Open Storage solutions are going to change how the industry does business and how it transforms customers business. A simple Web 2.0 model, analytics, with extremely large data growth is a key for customers. "Join the Web 3.0 model". "Embrace the Could, make it real". Cloud computing is the future. Social networks are changing how companies manage their data. Four important areas:
  • Systems
  • Microelectronics
  • Software and Services
  • Cloud computing
The evolution of Second Life with Sun and customers is growing. Security around the server, the cloud and Second Life is a challenge for customers.

Sun's ipod?

One of the biggest frustrations of Sun employees is they feel that Sun does not put enough effort in marketing products. There was a lot of discussion on Sun's pespective on how to market Sun products and the role of marketing. When I was at Oracle World, one leading industry analyst told me "Sun's problem is they have great innovation no one knows about and they don't leverage".

What is Sun's ipod? Sun is not a consumer device company. The ipod is a great user device. It's changed how people listen to music. Matchbox, for a dollar allowed kids to have a great imagination experience. The book "Peak Performers" was mentioned. Sun needs to participate in the community to make customers understand how to leverage technology. This is the challenge for Sun.

"Knowledge is a. rare thing -- you. gain by giving it"

Sun needs to show customers how things should be done. Systems engineering and delivery needs to show best practices to customers. Ivan Sutherland and his love of technology was discussed. Ivan has one of my favoriate quotes, "Knowledge is a. rare thing -- you. gain by giving it". Charles Garfield, "People how do something are people that know what do do next". In this tuburlent environment, Sun need's to show customers what to do next.

From Hal Stern, "if you have a great idea, be aggressive, implement it." "Figure out what needs to be done and just go do it". "Courage is what it takes to overcome fear. Fear is perceived risk". "Share your ideas, take your ideas to the market". "It takes courage to challenge the market".

The following areas have been constantly highlighted: open source, networking virtualization and storage.

Second Life rocks at Sun CEC 2008

Second life is playing a key role at the Sun CEC. Keynotes, general sessions and great presentions are all occurring in second life. Second life is giving remote attendees a great live experience of the conference.

Hal Stern will come inworld at 1pm PT today, and 5:30pm PT with his avatar with a pressentation and slides specifically for the virtual audience. Here is the wiki

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