Saturday, March 22, 2008

Data Warehousing - The Next Step for MySQL

MySQL excels as a strong solution for web-based solutions. MySQL’s extremely fast read rates and ability to scale horizontally with replication makes MySQL a popular low cost of ownership platform for web-based applications. The next area I expect MySQL to encounter significant growth is in the data warehousing market. MySQL’s fast reads and horizontal scalability makes it a strong consideration for the following environments:
  • Real Time and Archive Data Warehouses
  • Data Marts
  • Large Reporting Systems (DSS)
There are a number of strong solutions in the area of BI reporting, Analytics and data integration solutions that can be used with MySQL. Using MySQL for a data warehousing solution allows an organization to build small and medium sized data warehouses without the large startup costs of proprietary databases as well as the extremely expensive BI and data integration solutions that come with proprietary databases.

They say the number one reason restaurants fail is not being able to overcome large startup costs. Using MySQL as the database platform for small and medium data warehouses allows an organization to deliver a strong data warehousing solution at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions. This is why I expect data warehousing to be an area of significant growth for MySQL databases in the next few years.

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Anonymous said...

MySQL's pluggable storage engine architecture is a definite advantage for companies that want to take it to the DW/DSS/DataMart space.

Kickfire may be one such.