Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sun - A very positive beginning

During the last month, I have had the opportunity to be involved in three MySQL training classes that have included Sun employees. Without exception, every Sun employee has shown a lot of enthusiasm about the potential for MySQL and Sun. Every Sun employee has gone out of their way to welcome MySQL employees. There have been a lot of excellent discussions on the potential of Sun and MySQL technology and what they potentially can do together. I wish we could have podcast some of these discussions. The sharing of ideas and the collaboration was fantastic. Getting a number of knowledgeable people in database, messaging, identity management, storage, cluster and application server technology in one room and the exchange of ideas was a great experience. Thanks Pedro, Maggie, Walter, Ram, Andrea, Malek, Mitch, Seumas and everyone for all the positive energy and warm welcome!

Next week the Sun on-board process begins for most U.S. MySQL employees. Meeting a number of fantastic people at Sun is definitely a great beginning to the Sun experience.

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Seumas said...

It's excellent to hear that MySQL people feel welcomed into Sun. I know the whole process can be confusing and scary at times, but we are excited both for the MySQL technology and the fantastic MySQL people we've been meeting and interacting with.

Most of all, I have been deeply impressed by the passion of MySQL people for technology in general. You all clearly care about what you do for a living -- and even more, give great consideration to the way in which you do it.

Best wishes for the future and thank you for a great bootcamp course!