Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Very cool class in San Francisco

It's an incredible privilege to be able to teach other people. I've always found that knowledge is like love. No matter how much you give you always get more back.

I'm teaching a class this week in San Francisco to a very cool group. Students are from all over the world: China, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and the U.S. It is great to have people from all over the world and we all speak the same language, databases. We're all having a lot of fun singing "Kumbaya". :)

So far the top rated restaurants among the class this week include:
  • Colibri
  • House of NanKing
  • Great Eastern Restaurant
  • Sultan
  • Puccini and Pinetti's
  • Magnolia Pub and Brewery


Dan Norris said...

So was the class "How to eat great and interesting food"? Not that you would have trouble teaching tech or non-tech classes, just wondering if you're "branching out" to food classes now?! :)

See you in Denver!

Unknown said...

Hi Dan,

San Francisco is definitely a great city for trying new restaurants. Each day students in the class were recommending different great restaurants. The Supper Club and Jeanettes at Jacks were also on the list.

One student brought in breakfast to share with the class, sweet chinese barbeque buns. Very unique and they were an incredible treat. I've never had anything like that. They were an incredible treat.

I'm going to be in Chicago in a few weeks, so I'm counting on you making some great recommendations for Chicago restaurants. :)
Some of my favorites include Sparks, Smith and Wollensky's, Blue Water and Ginos. I always go to Sparks, because if its good enough for Paul Castellano its good enough for me.
Did you see my recommended list of places for Denver at