Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oracle SQL Developer with MySQL: Looks great so far.

So far I am pretty excited about using Oracle SQL Developer with MySQL. I spent about ten minutes installing Oracle SQL Developer, the MySQL J Connector and setting up SQL Developer to connect to MySQL.

I've only been using it a few minutes and so far its been great to work with. Oracle SQL Developer has matured into a nice interface so its been really fun to work with. In terms of ease of use and being a nice interface to work with its been awesome! Now I need to start testing all the features and doing some migrations between Oracle and MySQL.


rpbouman said...

Hi George,

just curious - For MySQL, I can't get SQL developer to do anything else but run SQL statements. For Oracle databases I can do things like add tables in a nice editor, but for MySQL this does not seem to be supported, or perhaps its me that doesn't know how to get it working.

Even just executing statements is kind of incomplete: try for example

SET sql_mode:=''

And the message is some complaint that it doesn't understand the SQL*Plus command (!)

Or a SHOW TABLES and I can't get results.

Seeing your initial positive review, I'm just wondering ... am I missing something?

Unknown said...

Hi Roland,

Well the nice thing about a client tool ilke SQL Developer is that most of the meta data in the user interface gives a lot more detailed information than the SHOW command. I'll also post a little bit more in the blog about SQL Developer and what intrigues me about it.

You've raised some really good questions about SQL Developer. I always like the detailed way you look at things. I haven't gotten into the details of SQL Developer yet, but will definitely keep you posted.

As always it is great hearing from you. I always recommend people to your blog (