Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Things to Look at: OEM Grid Control with MySQL Plug-in

My customers tell me Oracle is winning the war with the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) as the tool of choice for managing the Oracle Infrastructure across multiple tiers. With Oracle 11g, Oracle will be adding more RAC integration/functionality into the middle-tier with OEM. Part of the power of OEM is that it manages Oracle Database Servers, Application Servers, Services, Applications and the environment surrounding the Oracle Infrastructure.

OEM provides a number of plug-ins so I need to look into how having OEM monitor and manage MySQL with the OEM MySQL Plug-in. OEM also provides plug-ins for monitoring other database servers as well as other application servers. The capability to manage multiple tiers of heterogenous software is some very serious functionality. So seeing how well it manages MySQL is going to be fun.

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PaulM said...

Alex G over at Pythian has written a MySQL Plugin