Friday, May 1, 2009

Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators: Sun Solaris Campus Event

Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus May 5, 2009 9:00 am PDT

This virtual world presentation will be delivered at the Sun Microsystems Islands on the Solaris Campus. Up above, I'm visiting the Solaris Certification Center.

Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators

George Trujillo (Ty Valdez) and Steve Jones will be presenting a Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators the week of May 4, 2009 in Second Life. This presentation is a very detailed technical presentation designed for experienced Unix/Linux administrators to understand installation, configuration and management of MySQL on Solaris platforms. MySQL best practices along with Solaris features that can leverage database management such as ZFS will be included. Topics will include:

  • Strategies for laying out database servers on Solaris (Unix/Linux) platforms.
  • Understanding the MySQL architecture.
  • Installing MySQL using MOCA (GOCA) for best practices.
  • Starting and stopping the MySQL database server.
  • Top ten things to configure after creating a MySQL database server.
  • Using MySQL with ZFS.
  • Managing MySQL on a Solaris platform.


Tim Cook said...

Do you have a plan to make the presentation available to Solaris Administrators who do not also have access to a platform supported by Second Life? (i.e. they do not support Solaris).

Unknown said...

Hi Tim,

I think a topic like this is a great way for Solaris administrators and DBAs to get together and do some cross-pollination on topics like Containers, Dtrace, ZFS, Database Management best practices, etc. Let me work on a way for to collaborate on some of these topics.

Unknown said...

I being interest to see MOca(goca) work but this 2nd life is just bit trouble to login

Is there other way such as yourtube is possible for this kind of broadcast.