Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Things to Look at: InnoDB Plug-in

Just about every week I am asked by customers what storage engine they should be using. As well as, what storage engine should we be paying attention to in the future (i.e. Falcon, Maria, InnoDB, etc.).

It's finally time to start looking very seriously at the InnoDB plug-in. It's in the final beta releases while Maria and Falcon are still in alpha stage. The really nice thing about the InnoDB storage engine is it works very similar to how the Oracle works with a database buffer cache, redo log cache and undo data. It's always very easy for me to explain how InnoDB works to Oracle DBAs. There is also an InnoDB Hot Backup utility that I always hear positive things from customers using it.

I will be following with my thoughts and impressions of the Oracle InnoDB Plug-in.

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