Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MySQL Users Conference 2008

My wrap up on the MySQL Users Conference 2008:
  • All the rooms were filled for almost all presentations.
  • Any presentations on Falcon, new InnoDB plug in and Maria were packed. The race is on! Falcon drew first blood by being available in the MySQL 6.0 release but the new features in InnoDB look very good.
  • Performance tuning presentations were SRO.
  • I found all the presentations on the query cache, Innodb, and Myisam to be excellent. They all had little tidbits and recommendations that were very useful.
  • I was very impressed that all of my students I seen at the conference were very happy about their MySQL projects.
  • Birds of the Feather were the best BOFs I've ever seen put on at a conference.
  • Great diversity in the presentation topics.

Takeaway thoughts after the conference:
  • Like all database server environments tuning is a high priority for everyone.
  • Data warehousing in MySQL is gaining strong momentum.
  • Customers are using MySQL in ways I never imagined.
  • Lots of enthusiasm for MySQL at the conference.
  • I would not be surprised to see the size of the conference double for next year.
  • I thought the conference had a high ROI for attendees.


Unknown said...


I was honestly looking forward to meeting you at the conference. I unfortunately never did. Maybe next year. Glad you enjoyed the conference. Doubling in size might be a little optimistic, but would certainly be fun!!xz

Keith Murphy -- editor MySQL Magazine

Unknown said...


Sorry I missed you at the conference. We definitely could have exchanged a lot of ideas. Looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully we'll meet before the next conference.