Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sun Employees Connect: An excellent day at Sun

I really enjoyed the Sun Employees Connect event. Sun executives such as Jonathan Schwartz, Martin Mickos, Rich Green, Don Grantham, John Fowler, Karie Willyerd, Hal Stern, Lin Lee shared ideas, perspective and direction for the organization. Sun's innovativeness and strategic directions make it a lot of fun to go to work everyday. I really felt a lot of the same closeness and willingness to share with the employees that I felt about the MySQL culture. I personally was really motivated to get more involved in Sun activities in and out of work after hearing all the speakers.

The work of Fiona's team and all the volunteers made for a great event. Their outstanding efforts were greatly appreciated. Everything was an incredible amount of fun and a very unique educational opportunity. The things I learned today, the networking connections I made and the realization of emerging technologies made it a unique learning experience. I spent way to much time in the building workshops but they were a lot of fun. I wanted to go to Racers Island and race cars but I had too much fun building things. Thanks Whoops!

Hats off to everyone for putting on such a great event!

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