Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sun Employees Connect Party

An excellent ending to a great educational day. The party was outstanding. I didn't realize I had so many dance moves left in me. Thanks to the people that showed me some cool dance moves that made me look good.

In previous times, people discounted the telephone, automobile and Internet as being toys and play things for people with too much idle time. The same people that laugh at how short sighted people were in the past to new technologies, are the same people that laugh at some of today's emerging technologies. Today's event brought together a lot of people that understand there are new and emerging communication vehicles that are changing the way people interact and will work in the future.

Today reminded me not only does the world not stand still, its accelerating. I've been to a lot of outstanding conferences in the last year such as Oracle Open World, Collaborate 2008 and the MySQL Users Conference where I met a lot of outstanding people and exchanged a lot of ideas. Today's Sun Employees Connect reminded me how fast things change and I'd better maintain the eye of the tiger to stay on the leading edge. I can think easily of ten conferences I would like to attend before the year is over. Java One, ODTUG, BEA and a few gaming conferences are at the top of my list.

Whew, what a long and fruitful day ...

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